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Time Zone (GMT):+3
Capital City:Manama
Largest City:Manama
Currency:Bahrain Dinar = 1,000 fils
Currency Code:BHD
Banknote Denominations:½ / 1 / 5 / 10 / 20
Exchangeable Currencies:All major
* Lowest Returnable Note:1

* When selling currency back to most bureaux. Coins are generally NOT returnable.

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Latest update: Safety and security section (Demonstrations) - There have been calls for unauthorised protests, illegal road blocks and shutting of shops between 13 and 16 February 2019 in locations across the country, to coincide with the eighth anniversary of the unrest on 14 February 2011; you should remain vigilant, follow news reports and be alert to local and regional developments, which may trigger public disturbances

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