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Supplier £1000
£1 =
 TravelFx4,451 4.4511 Delivery is FREE
 Griffin Financial4,451 4.4510 Delivery is FREE
 Covent Garden FX4,409 4.4093 Delivery is FREE
 ACE-FX4,406 4.4280 Delivery is 4.99
 The Currency Club4,393 4.3930 Delivery is FREE
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 eurochange4,343 4.3430 Delivery is FREE
 NatWest4,333 4.3327 Delivery is FREE
 Travelex4,329 4.3291 Delivery is FREE
 Saga4,329 4.3291 Delivery is FREE
 The Post Office4,327 4.3270 Delivery is FREE
 No1 currency4,326 4.3257 Delivery is FREE
 Marks & Spencer4,324 4.3237 Delivery is FREE
 Tesco4,313 4.3128 Delivery is FREE
 ICE4,302 4.3023 Delivery is FREE
 Sainsburys4,290 4.2899 Delivery is FREE
 HSBC4,270 4.2699 Delivery is FREE
 Thomas Cook4,170 4.1696 Delivery is FREE

Updated: Mon. 24th. July 2017 3:46am

Suppliers NOT included in search:-
DebenhamsCollection at branch only
Virgin AtlanticCollection at branch only

GOV.UK Travel Advice

Thursday 20 July 2017 3:33pm
Latest update: Summary – the FCO advise against all travel to the Old City of Jerusalem from 21 July to sunrise on 22 July 2017; two Israeli police officers were fatally shot in a terrorist attack at Haram al Sharif/Temple Mount on 14 July; following this the site was closed for two days and reopened with additional security measures; there have been a number of protests and demonstrations in Jerusalem and the West Bank this week, with calls for further protests over the coming days; you should avoid any demonstrations and follow instructions of local authorities

(This information was still current on the GOV.UK website 33 minutes ago)

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