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Supplier £1000
£1 =
 TravelFx16,820,700 16,820.7000 Delivery is FREE
 Griffin Financial16,764,714 16,764.7140 Delivery is FREE
 Tesco16,654,819 16,654.8192 Delivery is FREE
 NatWest16,537,300 16,537.3000 Delivery is FREE
 Covent Garden FX16,507,192 16,507.1916 Delivery is FREE
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 Marks & Spencer16,483,381 16,483.3810 Delivery is FREE
 eurochange16,464,000 16,464.0000 Delivery is FREE
 Sainsburys16,456,762 16,456.7619 Delivery is FREE
 The Post Office16,442,638 16,442.6378 Delivery is FREE
 ICE16,439,417 16,439.4172 Delivery is FREE
 ACE-FX16,424,306 16,424.3060 Delivery is FREE
 No1 currency16,411,398 16,411.3984 Delivery is FREE
 The Currency Club16,336,200 16,336.2000 Delivery is FREE
 HSBC16,294,227 16,294.2274 Delivery is FREE
 Saga16,209,900 16,209.9000 Delivery is FREE
 Travelex16,209,900 16,209.9000 Delivery is FREE
 Thomas Cook16,147,000 16,147.0000 Delivery is FREE

Updated: Tue. 26th. September 2017 5:17pm

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DebenhamsCollection at branch only
Virgin AtlanticCollection at branch only

GOV.UK Travel Advice

Friday 22 September 2017 4:59pm
Summary – on 22 September 2017, the National Disaster Management Authority raised the volcanic alert level for Mount Agung in north east Bali to level 4; you should follow the advice of the local authorities and stay outside the exclusion zone which extends between 9 and 12 km from the crater; in the event of an eruption and volcanic ash clouds, which could cause flight disruptions, you should confirm your travel arrangements directly with your airline or travel agent before travelling to the airport

(This information was still current on the GOV.UK website 3 hour 6 minutes ago)

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