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Dominican Republic
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Time Zone (GMT):-4
Capital City:Santo Domingo
Largest City:Santo Domingo
Currency:Dominican Peso = 100 centavos
Currency Code:DOP
Banknote Denominations:20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 / 1,000 / 2,000
Exchangeable Currencies:US Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Canadian, Swiss
* Lowest Returnable Note:100

* When selling currency back to most bureaux. Coins are generally NOT returnable.

GOV.UK Travel Advice

Dominican Republic
Saturday 23 September 2017 1:12pm
Latest Update: Summary - Hurricane Maria passed the Dominican Republic on 21 September 2017; there were reports of local flooding and some damage in the north and east. Airports are open and there was no serious damage to tourist infrastructure; you should contact your tour operator or airline for more information.

(This information was still current on the GOV.UK website 37 minutes ago)

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