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Top Euro Rates £500 Buys Euro
£1 =
TravelFx 563 1.1267
ACE-FX 562 1.1240
AIRGOFX 561 1.1220
The Currency Club 561 1.1217

Tue. 22nd. January 2019 2:12pm

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Top US Dollar Rates £500 Buys US Dollar
£1 =
TravelFx 639 1.2788
ACE-FX 638 1.2750
The Currency Club 637 1.2746
AIRGOFX 637 1.2730

Tue. 22nd. January 2019 2:12pm

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Top Turkish Lira Rates £500 Buys Turkish Lira
£1 =
TravelFx 3,350 6.7006
The Currency Club 3,316 6.6328
Debenhams 3,300 6.5996
NatWest 3,300 6.5991

Tue. 22nd. January 2019 2:12pm

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GOV.UK Travel Advice

Monday 21 January 2019 5:38pm
Latest update: Summary - update on the 15-16 January terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside complex in Nairobi, removing information about the immediate security response at the scene

Monday 21 January 2019 5:24pm
Latest update: Summary and Safety and security section (Local travel) - updated information on safety and security; there have been recent attacks in Baga, Monguno, Damasak and Rann in Borno State; further attacks are likely; we advise against all travel to Borno State

Monday 21 January 2019 5:11pm
Latest update: Summary - removal of information on the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit

Monday 21 January 2019 9:24am
Latest update: Summary - removal of information on political demonstrations on Saturday 19 January

Sunday 20 January 2019 8:33pm
Summary: Following widespread disruption, including violent protests, in many areas of Zimbabwe during week beginning 14 January 2019, the situation remains unsettled in Harare and Bulawayo in particular. There is a risk of further disruption, including violent protests and activity by the security services. There remains a heightened security presence in urban areas. You should exercise caution and monitor local media and this travel advice for updates. Access to the internet has been disrupted across Zimbabwe and you should not rely on particular apps for communications as these may be blocked.

Friday 18 January 2019 5:51pm
Latest update: Summary - revised information on the partial Federal US government shutdown; some airports and forms of public transport are affected by the partial shutdown, while others continue to operate as normal; you should check before you travel; Summary and Natural disasters section - removal of information on previous hurricanes and wildfires

Friday 18 January 2019 4:10pm
Latest update: Summary - additional information on large gatherings

Friday 18 January 2019 3:46pm
Latest update: Summary - revised information in run up to presidential election; there are likely to be political rallies and demonstrations in Dakar, with a risk of potential unrest; you should avoid any protests, demonstrations and areas where large public gatherings are likely

Thursday 17 January 2019 4:53pm
Latest update: Summary - removal of information during the festive period

Thursday 17 January 2019 4:44pm
Latest update: Summary - addition of information and advice following a bomb attack against the General Santander police training academy in southern Bogota, with reports of fatalities; you should avoid the immediate area (including the Autopista Sur between Avenidas 1 de Mayo and Boyaca), remain vigilant and follow local police instructions

Thursday 17 January 2019 4:17pm
Latest update: Terrorism section - factual update to information about a roadside blast near the Giza pyramids on 28 December 2018; Summary section - amendment to existing wording about aviation security, reflecting the lifting of restrictions on large electronic devices in 2018

Thursday 17 January 2019 4:02pm
Latest update: Health section - If you’re travelling for Chinese New Year, check the information and advice from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)

Thursday 17 January 2019 1:40pm
Latest update: Summary - revised information; protests linked to the yellow vest (gilets jaunes) movement are planned on 19 and 20 January; you should avoid demonstrations wherever possible and follow the advice of the local authorities.

Thursday 17 January 2019 11:49am
Latest update: Summary - update to information about the availability of consular support

Thursday 17 January 2019 11:42am
Latest update: Summary - update to information about the availability of consular support

Thursday 17 January 2019 11:07am
Latest update: Summary - addition of information about the availability of consular support

Thursday 17 January 2019 11:03am
Latest update: Entry requirements section (Visas) - addition of information; from 28 January 2019 permanent and temporary resident visas will be issued electronically; the online visa will be sent by email to be printed out; immigration authorities will have access to online visa records; all visitors to the Galapagos Islands should provide a copy of their hotel booking; visitors staying with local residents should have an invitation letter from their host

Cape Verde
Wednesday 16 January 2019 6:01pm
Latest update: Entry requirements section (Visas) - correction to existing information on maximum duration of visa-free stay in Cape Verde; from 1 January 2019, if you have a British Citizen passport you can enter Cape Verde as a visitor for stays of up to 30 days without a visa

Wednesday 16 January 2019 3:28pm
Latest update: Summary - addition of information; national and local elections will be held across the Philippines on 13 May 2019; the official election period runs from 13 January to 12 June; the Philippines Bureau of Immigration have specifically warned foreign nationals against participating in any protests and political rallies; you should avoid any demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities

Turks and Caicos Islands
Wednesday 16 January 2019 3:11pm
Latest update: Health Section – revised guidance on sources of health information before travel

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